A typical day at Foxglove Montessori Nursery and Foxglove Violet Hill


Foxglove Montessori Nurseries offer children the opportunity to become independent, resilient learners.  Children choose what they would like to do and where they would like to learn.  They are free to go outside and return inside throughout the session.  There is a wide choice of interesting resources which children are free to explore on their own, with their friends or with an interested, responsive adult.


We encourage children to respect their environment and keep the nursery in a clean and tidy state by puting away the activities after they have finished using them.  There is no limit on how long a child can use an activitiy, they can explore for as long as they wish within the three hour work cycle.


As part of our Montessori philosophy it is important to us to provide the children with real life experiences.     For example we have recently had a living eggs programme which involved hatching chicks from eggs as part of our 'Life Cycle' topic. 


We provide children with a nutritious snack during the session.  They can choose when they would like to eat, choose their food from the serving plate and pour their own milk or water.  We use real glasses and crockery to demonstrate our trust in the children and teach real life skills.

A valuable part of our classroom is a washing up area where the children are encouraged to wask and dry their crockery after eating their snack.  This supports their independence and self esteem.    

Contact Details

Foxglove, Onehouse Road

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Foxglove, Violet Hill Road

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Session Times

Breakfast club



Morning session


08:00 to



09:00 to 12:30

Lunch club


12:30 to 13:00

Afternoon session


13:00 to 16:00

Foxglove Violet Hill is open until 16:00 on Fridays too. 


Foxglove Montessori Nursery
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Foxglove Violet Hill

Chilton School

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