Ideas to try at home

Understanding the world

This is a wonderful time of year for a walk in the woods.  Have a look for signs of spring with the bluebells and snowdrops coming through, and see how many different colours of blossom you can spot.  Learning about the changing seasons is fascinating for children.


Physical Development and Practical Life Skills

While you are out and about in the woods try climbing a tree or walking along a fallen log.  Balancing and climbing strengthen children's muscles, making them more able to control their movements and keep still when they want or need to.

Language and Communication Skills

Singing together is a great way of learning new words and starting to build up a collection of songs promotes children's language.  Ask your child to sing you a song they have learnt at nursery, they will love being able to teach you something new.


Early maths is as much about making patterns, organising and sequencing as it is about counting.  Collections of objects are a great way to promote this, whether you choose shells or stones, or for older children buttons or coins.  Let the children explore the collection, add to it themselves and arrange the objects in a variety of ways.